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Guardsmark clients gain access to a wide range of expertise, from proprietary conversion specialists to former counterterrorism agents. The company’s senior management includes dozens of retired top officials from the FBI, with experience in security countermeasures, counterterrorism, and military operations. Guardsmark remains on the cutting edge of security-related innovations and developments that pertain to antiterrorism procedures and computer security, among other areas.


The Guardsmark motto — “Truth, Courage, Judgement”— is the cornerstone of the company’s value system. Guardsmark has maintained a steadfast commitment to quality and principle that is evident in the faces of Guardsmark security officers, management, and executive leadership.
Guardsmark has been a pioneer in employing and promoting team members from diverse backgrounds. The company and its founder share a documented history of taking courageous stands on championing human rights and encouraging diversity. But above all else, Guardsmark is relentlessly focused on developing dedicated, highly educated, and motivated security professionals who will strive for perfection and achieve excellence.