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Continuing the long tradition of developing innovative products, Snapper recently introduced two new revolutionary products. After lengthy hours of interviews and observations, Snapper engineers and designers spent three years incorporating what they learned into dozens of prototype mowers. The prototypes were tested, retested, and engineered into the final product. The results were nothing short of groundbreaking. Every feature, every dimension, and every control has been nuanced from the operator's point of view.

Beginning with a revolutionary push-button starting system, the Snapper NXT™ redefines the grass cutting experience. The REACT™ Drive System on the walk-behind mower senses operator pace and intuitively adjusts the mower speed, while the dashboard controls on the riding mower provide carlike feedback. Snapper NXT cutting systems combine newly designed aerodynamic decks and Briggs & Stratton Professional Series™ engines. Together, they work hard to deliver a precise, even cut.