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Michael Capiraso
Michael Capiraso Consulting
James Gregory
Chief Executive Officer, CoreBrand LLC
Linda Kaplan Thaler
CEO, Chief Creative
Officer, The Kaplan Thaler Group
Michael Mohamad
Television Consultant, Vidaroo, Inc.
Keith Reinhard
Chairman Emeritus

DDB Worldwide
Kevin Roberts
Chief Executive Officer Worldwide, Saatchi & Saatchi
Antony Young
Chief Executive Officer, Mindshare North America
The American Brands Council includes a distinguished group of independent advertising, marketing, and communication professionals. These individuals possess a deep understanding of the challenges in building and maintaining a great brand. The Council is responsible for nominating the brands for inclusion in each volume of America’s Greatest Brands. Some of the criteria the council applies when nominating a brand include the brand’s quality, resilience and longevity, customer loyalty, market leadership and dominance, and social responsibility. Please click on each council member’s photo to read their comments on what makes a great brand today.
Jonathan Bond
Chief Executive Officer, Big Fuel
Rich Jernstedt
SenioPresident and CEO,
The Jernstedt Company
Senior Counselor,
Porter Novelli