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In the pages of America’s Greatest Brands volume 11, you'll find a collection of strong brands that have earned the support of American consumers and weathered the storm of financial upheaval. When the average consumer makes a conscious decision to remain with a particular brand — because the brand is meeting that person's demands on one or many levels — that's a testament to the brand's power.
The American Brands Council includes a distinguished group of independent advertising, marketing, and communication professionals, each of whom possess a deep understanding of the challenges in building and maintaining a great brand. The Council is responsible for nominating the brands for inclusion in each volume of America's Greatest Brands.
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Brands which have attained the prestigious America's Greatest Brands status can now expand their online presence through Superbrands TV. SBTV video productions promotes a brand's stories and successes, and can be implemented on brand web sites, and promoted through social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Google+, and YouTube, and can also be used for presentations at conferences, seminars, conventions, trade shows and other industry venues. Go to to view this exciting offering to our brands.
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An Insight Into America's Strongest and Most Valuable Brands
We are pleased to announce the launch of our new publication, America's Great Old Brands. This new volume will pay homage to brands with a remarkable longevity, those brands which have contributed to the strength of the American marketplace and become ubiquitous with American culture. For more information please email Carl Meyer at